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Become an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and work as an ER technician in an emergency department, a health care technician at schools, or work as an EMT on an ambulance. This is a required entry level position into Emergency Medical Services, including Fire Service and a prerequisite for any paramedic program. Evening and weekday courses available. Cost of course $1295.00.

Breakdown of Program Cost and Commonly Associated Fees

  • Non-Refundable Registration Fee/Deposit = $250.00 (This fee is applied to total cost of course)
  • Tuition = $695.00 (Due by orientation day or Payment Plan agreement completed)
  • Equipment and Supplies = $350.00 (Due by orientation day and non refundable once accepted by student)
  • $50.00 Book Keeping Fee = ONLY applies if Payment Plan is used

Equipment and Supplies is the following and is non refundable once accepted by student:

  • All items are received by the first day of class and are non refundable once accepted by student
  • Southern California EMS Training Institute blue polo shirt
  • e-Text Book with online course access
  • Student Equipment needed for course participation: Stethoscope, BP Cuff, Trauma Sheers, and Pen Light

**The following are required for participation in any EMT course and are NOT included in the cost of the course:

EMT Course Documentation Required:

     •  A current American Heart Association Healthcare Provider BLS CPR card. Received the first week of class and included in tuition.

     • Must have High School Diploma, GED, or Transcripts

     • Must be 18 years of age by midterm

     • Background Check done through Castle Branch (Package Code SQ30). Cost is $51.

     • Black work boots are required for uniform footwear, black Dickies style pants, black belt,  and a watch (due by second week of class)

Prior to the Start of the Clinical /Field Rotation(s):

     • Proof of Hepatitis B vaccination series

     • Proof of Covid Vaccination

     • Negative TB test or chest x-ray in the last 6 months

     • Health Insurance: Students must maintain individual health insurance or worker’s compensation insurance for the clinical / ride-along portion of the program, and furnish proof of insurance. Students are responsible for all payment for medical care related to hazardous exposures injuries and/or illnesses.

**Any fees for these are NOT included in cost of class**

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