EMT Training in CA

Why start out your medical career as an Emergency Medical technician?  Maybe, you’re like me.  You know you want to go into the medical field, but you have no idea what you want to do.  I was in college taking general education classes and knew I wanted to go into medicine, but in what capacity?  I didn’t know.  

One semester the only “medical course” that fit into my schedule between Anatomy and Physiology class, was EMT.  So I signed up. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to 10pm I sat in an EMT class.  I LOVED it.  At first, it felt a little over my head.  It’s a lot of information in an approximately 120 hour course.  However, the more I learned, the more confident I became in what I was doing in skills.   Not all programs are the created equal.  At Southern California EMS Training Institute, we teach something in class and then you apply it in skill form.  Some EMT programs do very little hands on/skills.  You will not come out a confident EMT without having done a lot of skills.  Skills class is where you get to make your mistakes.  You do things over and over until you get it right.  That way when you’re out in the public actually working on real patients, you’re doing it right.

Once I finished my EMT course, I still didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do.  However, I now knew I LOVED emergency medicine.  I had also learned that I could remain calm in an emergency.  That’s an important skill if you’re going to be in EMS.

I got a job as an Emergency Department Technician (ER Tech).   ER Techs assist the nurses and physicians in the Emergency Department.  I’m sure you’ve seen an episode or two of a show about emergency departments.  They are fast paced and every day is always different than the one before.  It’s often loud with a lot of crying, yelling, and noise.  It’s what we call “Controlled Chaos!”  

In the capacity of ER Tech, I worked with people from every department of the hospital and people outside the hospital.  Lab techs, Xray techs, surgeons, and every floor including ICU.  I also worked closely with the Fire departments, ambulance services, mortuaries and the coroner’s office.  Yes, the coroner’s office.  As an ER Tech I was responsible  for “tagging and bagging” a deceased person.  Working as an EMT allowed me to see what everybody else’s jobs entailed.   Every department within the hospital is different.  Just walk through a hospital and you can feel the difference in energy between departments.  After watching what each of these jobs entailed for about a year, I knew emergency medicine was the place for me. 

I worked as an ER Tech while going through nursing school and spent 16 years as an emergency department Nurse.  I loved every minute of it.  So becoming an EMT and working as an ER Tech helped me be able to decide exactly what kind of medicine I wanted to work in.   If you, like me, are undecided in a medical career path.  Take our 10 week EMT course and see what a career in Emergency Medicine is all about.  After the course if you don’t choose a medical career, you will always have the knowledge you learned in class.  In any medical emergency, you will know what to do.  That knowledge is priceless!

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